2024 International Conference on Management Science and Software Engineering(ICMSSE 2024)
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Track 1. Management Science

• ERP Systems

• The Role of IT in Management

• Decision Support Systems

• Marketing Engineering and Management

• Entrepreneurship and SME Management

• Optimization and Optimal Management

• Value Engineering Management Analysis

• Data Mining and Knowledge Management

• Social Security and Emergency Management

• Strategic Management and Cognitive Decision

• Co-ordination Act and Project Management

• Financial Engineering and Risk Management

• Calculation Management Methods and Practice

• Public Administration and Social Management

• Human Resources and Performance Management

• Quality Management and Reliability Engineering

• Research on Macro-Management and Policies

• Technology Management, Innovation and Evaluation

• Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

• Logistics Engineering and Supply Chain Management

• Systems Theories and Practice of Management Information

• Project Investment Management Theories and Applications

• Management Science Methodology and Basic Research Methods

• Crisis / Disaster Control of Social Systems and Major Engineering Systems

Track 2. Software Engineering

• Methods and Techniques for Software Development

• Software Maintenance

• Requirements Engineering

• Object-Oriented Technologies

• Model-driven Architecture and Engineering

• Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering

• Software Reuse

• Software Management

• Model Engineering

• Software Architectures Design

• Frameworks and Design Patterns

• Architecture-Centered Development

• Component-based Design

• Middleware Components

• Software Quality

• Quality Management and Assurance

• Risk Analysis

• Program Analysis

• Verification and Validation

• Testing of Software Systems

• Software Project Management

• Software Evaluation